COMERCIAL FESANCO S.A. provides reliable solutions for cargo handling and transfer to ports and terminals, seeking to improve levels of productivity, profitabilty and safety of its customers, throught the representation of distinguished brands and the full development of our employees, respecting environment.


COMERCIAL FESANCO S.A. seeks to be a human community fully committed whit the society wished by god.


  In COMERCIAL FESANCO S.A. we´re committed to offer services of marketing and technical support with high quality standards, in such way that we contribute to the development of the economic activity of our customers, trying to exceed at all time with their expectations of satisfaction.

In our work we have as a main concern to provide services permanently oriented towards the client and his needs, developing in our organization a culture of attention and service which is: respectful, efficient, flexible, transparent and timely.

To accomplish the preceding, we centre our efforts on the constant enhancing of the processes, the assurance of the qualifications and suitability of the employees; the development of the labor environment and the achievemente of the quality targets.

Casa Matriz Valparaíso
Calle Cerro El Plomo #3679
Parque Industrial
Curauma, Valparaíso, Chile.

Fono: +56 (32) 2998600
Fax: +56 (32) 2998610

E-mail: fesanco@fesanco.cl

Sucursal Antofagasta
Calle Nicolas Tirado #150
Antofagasta, Chile.

Fono: +56 (55) 2555830

Sucursal Iquique
Almacén Público Zona Franca,
Iquique, Chile.

Fono: +56 (57) 2515100
Fax: +56 (57) 2515218